Green education meets social commitment

The goal of our initiative is to develop a sustainable lifestyle together, across generations and in a playful way – through broad challenges, common tasks, concrete impulses, an active exchange and the provision of information.

Learning about climate change, environmental issues and the impact of a sustainable lifestyle is essential to develop as a society, to manage resources in a resource-efficient way and to achieve the global Future Sustainable Development Goals 2030 together. Making people in our society more aware of their role and influence in achieving these goals and getting them to learn and rethink in a positive, motivating and fun way is a major challenge.

Our initiative “Mach Doch Mal” enables us to make sustainable lifestyle changes that fit our individual circumstances and can be easily integrated into our private and professional lives. In doing so, we can test and educate ourselves in various areas (e.g. health, nutrition, energy, mobility, waste and consumption). Our team is in very different places in the active implementation of a sustainable lifestyle. This makes this project very exciting for us, as we also learn from and with each other on a daily basis. Also not every solution seems to fit into our different lifestyles. As a team and together with you, we want to learn and develop how we can integrate sustainability into our everyday life in the short and also in the long term.

Our challenges give room for our own and creative solutions, as well as concrete impulses and ideas in the different areas. Every two weeks there is a new challenge. There are many and constantly changing impulses. Everyone can be as active as they want to be. We share our successes and failures and exchange ideas. We also want to tackle specific challenges together and achieve successes together.

Challenge yourself. Challenge your family, friends and colleagues. 

Target group

Our challenges are for everyone who cares about a sustainable lifestyle.

Would you like to bring sustainability into your everyday life? Then take part in our challenges.

Are you already active
and looking for more inspiration and insights for a sustainable lifestyle? Then take part in our challenges.

Are you already a professional and an expert in the field? Then join our challenges and inspire and motivate others with examples from your everyday life.

If you want to participate in our challenges as a group or class, you are welcome to do so with our active support. Contact us and we will provide you with information about our project. We will send you the current challenges on a regular basis. By the way, you will also receive them automatically when you sign up for our newsletter.


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