Green education meets social committment

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The Idea

Mach Doch Mal

We want to combine sustainability and social commitment with you.

After eight challenges and a short break, we are currently enjoying the summer in Germany. Within the coming weeks, we want to actively discuss and exchange ideas about sustainability in summer:

What are your favorite places and activities in summer? What are your favorite summer drinks? What tips do you have for a sustainable summer? Which projects do you dedicate your time to?

We’ll also show you how we spend and shape our summer. So it’s worth clicking through our Instagram gallery below.

Feel free to email us and tell us how you have experienced the past challenges and how you’re currently spending your summer.

If you’re just starting out or missed a challenge, you can always participate in our broad challenges. You can find all the information you need under News or in our Instagram gallery. You are also welcome to email us and we will send you the necessary information.

Be creative. What fits your private / professional everyday life?

Where can you try sustainable changes?

Our team tries to become more sustainable in different areas and we share our experiences with you – the successes and also failures. We give concrete impulses and ideas to our challenges in our 8 categories:

Conservation, Pollution, Mobility, Energy, Food, Health, Lifestyle and Consumption.

We provide you with information, ideas and many suggestions. Feel free to check out inspirations in our Instagram gallery. We welcome your ideas, posts & news. If you like, subscribe to our newsletter & get in touch with us.

Under “News” you can find all previous challenges we have already successfully mastered and also  current information.

Under “Project” and “Team” you can get to know us and our initiative better.